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Why become one of our local experts

We have been publishing travel guidebooks for over 40 years and are a well-known travel brand, particularly in the UK and the US.

Our website attracts hundreds of thousands of users, browsing through itineraries and sending requests.

We pre-qualify every request to make sure we only share serious potentials with you. A dedicated Travel Team oversees every request and is by your side throughout the consultation and traveling process, in case you or the traveler has any questions.

Partnering with Rough Guides means having access to a new distribution channel for your trips, training & sales documents that can be used by everyone in your company, as well as an easy to use trip planner to make your trips beautiful in a fast and efficient way.

Want to become one our our local travel agents?

Here at Rough Guides, we work with local experts who have in-depth knowledge about specific countries, or multi-country regions, and can offer unique experiences and create wonderful itineraries for every traveller. We handpick our English-speaking local travel agents, based on their destination knowledge, travel industry experience, and impeccable customer service standards.

Our local experts must adhere to the following presets:

  1. A legally registered B2C tour company (DMC), with in-depth knowledge of a specific or multi-country region
  2. Have a liability insurance
  3. Have a local license for tourism as per destination/country laws
  4. Have a 24/7 emergency number for all our travellers
  5. Able to deliver high-quality tailor-made itineraries including unique experiences and off the beaten track adventures, accommodations, and transportation in the destination

To ensure the high quality of every local tour company we work with, our team has a comprehensive process in place which must be completed by any new company interested in working with our platform.

Want to be one of our local experts?

To apply to be a Rough Guides Tailor-made local expert, please contact us using this form.

The process of becoming a local expert on Rough Guides includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • A series of compatibility interviews with our partnership manager
  • A review of your tailor-made itineraries and reviews from previous clients
  • An in-depth financial review of your registered company
  • A thorough training session on how to use our platform, Rough Guides expectations and client communication

At Rough Guides, we have a close relationship with every travel expert to ensure we can enjoy mutual success and help you grow your business. We offer a user-friendly platform, 24/7 Rough Guides agent service, training and more. Travellers that use Rough Guides books and our tailor-made service are looking for their dream holiday, planned by one of our local experts. The Rough Guides team will carefully qualify and connect clients directly with the right local expert.

If you think you fit the criteria and believe your company can offer original itineraries, then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here to let us know how we can work together.

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updated 2/25/2021
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