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Although there are as many possible routes as there are Greek islands, we've put together four inspiring Greece itineraries that should each last around a fortnight. These two-week itineraries include a shortlist of the Classical sites, island-hopping in the Cyclades (the ultimate summer experience), a Cretan odyssey and, for Greece aficionados, the road less travelled.

If you are planning your travel to Greece yourself, use these itineraries created by our travel writers as a starting point for inspiration.

Santorini, Greece

Greece Itinerary 1 - Classical Greece

Take your own Grand Tour of Greece's Classical wonders and you'll be a budding archeologist in no time. Each stop tells you something new about one of the world's greatest and most influential civilizations.

1. Athens

The birthplace of many of the most famous examples of Classical Greek architecture and home to incredible museums.

2. Sounion

Watch the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon at the tip of the Attican peninsula and you'll see a view unchanged in centuries.

3. Kórinthos

Visit Ancient Corinth and the fortifications of Acrocorinth, a huge, barren rock crowned by a great fortress.

4. Mycenae

The city that gave its name to a civilization whose Homeric heroes have become household names.

5. Olympia

The sportsground of the ancients whose competitive motto "Faster, higher, longer" is as relevant today as it was then

6. Delphi

The site of the famous oracle has lost none of its mystique, seamlessly blending into the landscape.

Greece Itinerary 2 - A Cretan odyssey

Crete isn't just another island but almost a country in itself, at least that's what the fiercely proud locals will tell you. Minoan sights, beautiful ports and perfect beaches all wait to be explored, best experienced with a rental car.

1. Haniá

Vying for the title of the most attractive town in Greece, this is the perfect place to relax and people-watch.

2. Samariá Gorge

The most popular hike on the Greek islands and as perfect a one-day excursion as you can hope for.

3. Réthymnon

A fascinating place with the ideal town beach offering views of a skyline of Ottoman minarets and Venetian mansions.

4. Iráklion

Crete's capital is the best base for exploring the outstanding ruins at Knossos and for hiking on the Lasíthi plateau.

5. Ierápetra

Great resort town with a spotless beach, excellent choice of excursions and a very long summer season.

6. Váï beach

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd left the Mediterranean for the tropics at this fine-sand beach lined with exotic palm trees.

Greece Itinerary 3 - Island-hopping

Thanks to quick and frequent ferry links, the Cyclades are the best island group to hop between.

1. Ándhros

Green, fertile, culturally exciting and with a fantastic selection of beaches, this is a great introduction to the Cyclades.

2. Mýkonos

Party island for as many sensuous, fun-filled days as your body can take and your wallet can stand.

3. Páros

Choose between island experiences: peaceful hilltop retreats or nonstop happy hours and hangovers.

4. Náxos

The activity centre of the Cyclades, this is the place to go trekking, diving or kitesurfing.

5. Santoríni

It's camera-out time for the unforgettable spectacles around the crater especially during the sunset.

6. Mílos

The place to join a boat ride around the island and swim in some of its inaccessible, kaleidoscopic beaches.

7. Sérifos

Quiet and good value with excellent beaches and a wonderful inland capital, this is a great place to chill out.

Greece Itinerary 4 - The road less travelled

Central and northern Greece barely feature on travel agent radars but you'll find perhaps the most "Greek" places here. As well as these quirkier sights be sure not to miss Mount Olympus and the monasteries of Metéora.

1. The Pelion

Wind your way down the hairpin roads of this spectacular peninsula, discovering lovely villages, quiet beaches and enjoying a beautifully cool climate.

2. Píndhos Mountains

The Píndhos mountain range offers rafting, skiing and one of the country's best treks along the 20km Víkos Gorge.

3. Vergina

Capital of the Macedonian dynasty, Vergina was the burial place of Alexander's father and a lot of gold, the latter on show in nearby Thessaloníki.

4. Mount Áthos

One strictly for the boys, but this male-only monastic community offers a unique glimpse of the Orthodox world.

Going for longer? Want to make your own route? Contact a local travel expert to help you plan your perfect tailor-made trip to Greece.

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